Tourecom has emerged with the collision of experience and smartness a quintessence of what travel can offer above and beyond customer service. Technology is challenging and we are the leaders, our sole motive is to give you everything you desire while keeping Travel in mind. Isn’t everyone an expert in his own LOB? Our challenge is we are taking it to the horizon, pushing it the hardest, surviving the baddest. We’re the future.

Vikram Singh (Founder)
He has worked with the great tourism companies of India in his prime. Not just that he also served in technical support and can build computers like jigsaw puzzles. Humble at heart, huge at work. The founder of Tourecom has taken the liberty to show you around his home state ‘Rajasthan’ better and focus on details better than anyone in industry.

Prashant Warman (Manager)
An entrepreneur cum Enthusiast as you can tell by looking at the picture. He loves heavy metal & rock music chiefly 90’s not just that, also good with computers …and travel is his appetite. He brings you Tourecom where humanity matters much more than business a true wildlife and cultural devotee. Also, served into hospitality business for a great amount of time, he spearheads all the business operations and takes care of client relations as well.